We’re recording album #5!

Just starting working on guitars this week! Looking at a summer 2015 release, more details to come.

Make sure to join our mailing list to get an update when the album is out! We do album release emails only to keep the spam down : )

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New “Oracle” Guitar Play Through from Chris!

We’re currently recording album #5, so Chris filmed and edited this new play through to help hold you guys over until
its release… looking like summer 2015! So keep an eye out!

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Chris’ New Play Through + Altius Guitar “Discoverer” 7 String debut!

“The Gentlemen” play through at EMG TV on Chris’ new Altius Guitars “Discoverer” 7 String! Make sure to like their facebook page for more details
when this guitar is released! Altius Guitars

Get Chris’ solo album “LIGHTBOX” over at Chris’ Bandcamp Site Or via Itunes!

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Chris’ New Play Through for “Piedra Falls” filmed at Piedra Falls!

Make sure to check out the story behind this song and his experience at the falls.

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“The Migration” Pin Tins! w/ 12 Jazz III picks

“The Migration” Pick Tins from Jim Dunlop.

Comes with 12 Signature Chris Letchford “Summit” Tortex Jazz III picks in black 1mm with foil print

Order now at STS Webstore

 photo picktinphotobucket_zpsea302870.jpg

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Chris’ How to “Setups for all Guitars and Basses” book

 photo setupbookwebsite_zpsf7c1b100.jpg

You can now pre-order my newest book. A pocket guide for setting up all types of guitars and basses!

Comes with a FREE 64th Metal ruler needed for all proper setup steps throughout this book! A $20 value!

Instruments can not be setup by “feel” or by “eye”, there are too many optical illusions created and inconsistencies using those methods. Instruments are best set up using math, hence the ruler. This
book has all measurements listed for each part of your instrument. You can use this book to get every guitar or bass you own to play amazing!

“Chris Letchford’s Pocket Guide To
6, 7, 8 string Guitar & Bass

Comes in a convenient 4 x 6 inch size, spiral bound, perfect to live in any and all guitar and bass cases.

• Setups for 6, 7 and 8 string Guitar, 4, 5, and 6 string Bass.
• Covers all styles of bridges (Floyd, Tune-a-matic, Hardtail, etc…)
• Removing old strings and proper cleaning
• Proper re-stringing techniques (including a trick for turning none locking tuners into locking with just a string winding technique)
• Setting truss rod
• Action height
• Intonation and pickup height
• Polishing frets
• Problem solving steps to help get rid of unwanted string and fret buzz.
• Comes with string gauge recommendations for different tunings, styles, genres, and more.
• General guitar care and maintenance

Pre-order now! Ships October 5th.
Get it here: Official Online Store

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Live in the Studio!

Closest thing to a live DVD we have done so far. You can watch the entire thing below for free as well as purchase the entire session with HD video and audio
dor $5.99!

Purchase here: Audio Tree Session

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Play throughs from Chris’ solo album “LIGHTBOX”

Check out Chris and Marks play throughs for tracks off of Chris’ new solo album “LIGHTBOX”

You can get it off of Itunes, Amazon and Bandcamp at Chris’ Bandcamp Page
Or CD, Limited Edition vinyl, Tab Books, guitar picks, shirts and more at Chris’ Online Store Here

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Chris’ solo album is OUT NOW!

Chris’ solo album “LIGHTBOX” is out today! Very excited! Hope you really enjoy it.

You can get it digitally through Itunes: HERE or with a higher quality options through his bandcamp: HERE

Available as a physical copy CD (w/ fold out booklet poster), limited edition vinyl, Guitar and Bass tab books, guitar picks and “LIGHTBOX” t-shirts through his official online store: HERE

We’ll have CD’s and Tab Books with us on the current Scale The Summit tour as well. Check out the dates HERE


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Chris posted another new song! “LIGHTBOX” comes out next week!

Here is the fourth single from Chris’ solo album “LIGHTBOX”

Share the video on facebook to enter to win a Pigtronix Philosophers Tone pedal!

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